Traveling to Prague? Leave Your Drone at Home!

Traveling to Prague? Leave Your Drone at Home!

Drones can take incredible footage of nature or historical city centers. Prague, the Czech capital, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. With more than seven million visitors each year, the „Golden City“ is famous for its historical heritage, architecture and mystic atmosphere. There are also a lot of towers in Prague and the aerial filming of city´s beautiful panorama is the great lure. However, aviation authorities speak with a clear voice: no drones over the city. Violation of this rule automatically leads to harsh punishment, no exceptions. If a visitor does not want to have his or her holiday ruined by problems with Czech police and authorities, forget flying drones over Prague.

General Rules For Flying Drones In The Czech Republic

As an ordinary tourist, you would probably consider filming Prague´s charming beauty with drone´s camera just for your own pleasure and you would show it to your friends and family without any intention of the commercialization of the footage. In that case, you are seemingly OK because you do not need any permission for drone filming. Unfortunately, it does not mean that you can fly drones in Prague. According to rules of the Czech civil aviation authority, drones cannot be flown anywhere except the open space areas. As you would guess, there are none of these in Prague´s city center. To hold your drone at least 50 meters from pedestrians and 150 meters from buildings is simply impossible. There is only one possible conclusion, it is forbidden to fly drones in the center of Prague. It would be great to have a footage of monumental Jan Hus memorial or court in front of St. Vitus cathedral, however, you need to forget it.

Police Is Ready

You should know that the Czech authorities take the rules very seriously. Not only that you can be fined by more than 4000 Euro (100 000 Czech Crowns) and seizure of the drone for some time, the penalty can be even harder if you will try to fly your drone within the area of the Prague Castle. The largest castle complex in the world and the seat of the president of the Czech Republic is included among the objects of strategic importance (like nuclear power plants or some military objects) and therefore, there is a strict no-fly zone over the area. You should also know that the police of the Czech Republic, as well as the Prague’s city police, have the full authority and the tools to ground your drone. With net guns or jammers designed to disturb the control signal, the police can´t lose this fight. There are a lot of things to see and experience in Prague and although the drone filming would be nice, it does not worth to have your holiday ruined because of it.

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