Top Six things to do in Prague in One Day

Top Six things to do in Prague in One Day

Are you about to visit Prague for the very first time and do you wonder what you really have to do there so you would be able to say “I´ve been in Prague and I experienced the city the best?” Let´s have a look at this things to do in Prague list you should definitely not miss.

Charles Bridge at the end or beginning of the day

This is an immortal evergreen of this city in middle of Europe. Charles Bridge has a large historical, but also cultural value. Stone bridge from 14th century, built by king and emperor Charles IV. is probably the most exposed tourist point of the city. During the day it´s beautiful. But at night or during sunset or sunrise? It´s amazing! Yes, it´s full of tourists, but it does not mind at all. You can also climb at Old Town Tower Bridge and see amazing view over the city.

Prague Castle on your things to do in Prague List

Well, this is the largest inhabited castle area in Europe with roots somewhere back in 10-12th century. Currently the castle serves as seat for Czech president. Prague castle is located above Vltava river and combines many architectural styles, because the complex have been developed during the centuries. Dominant building of the complex is St. Vitus Cathedral, main religious building of Czech republic.

Explore Lesser Town (Malá Strana)

This is the clearest option to choose after exploring the castle which is above Malá Strana. This historical neighborhood of Prague characteristic for old buildings, narrow streets and spirit of history. But if you want to do some shopping, wait for better opportunity. Prices at Malá Strana are sometimes really high.

Next things to do in Prague: Visit famous Old Town Square

This square is one of the most favorite places even for Czechs. Thanks to amazing gothic buildings from 14th century you will feel the history touching you. Dominant building of the square is Old Town Hall Tower with fantastic Astronomical Clock from 14th century, which attracts thousands of tourists every day. You can also climb up to the tower for a symbolical fee. The view over Old Town is really worth of it.

Taste Czech beer

Well, enough of historical buildings and places. At least for now. You simply can´t visit Prague and don´t taste Czech beer, which is rated as one of the best in the entire world. Be aware of cheaper brands, which will probably not taste so good for you. Try some of the classic and world known brands like Pilsner or Budweiser. You can also try some mini-home-brewery products. Local breweries are one of the top hits of last few seasons.

Enjoy some culture

It does not matter what are you exactly interested in, because you may be sure that Prague has a place that can give it to you. There are many museums, tens and hundreds of theatres of multiple genres or you may enjoy some live music in Prague. Your list of choice is almost infinite.

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