What to do in Prague Today? Read this Short List

What to do in Prague Today? Read this Short List

What to do in Prague Today? Prague is a stunning place to visit and it lures its visitors with many charming buildings, monuments, squares, clocks, churches, and last but not least with parks and surroundings.

What to do in Prague: Infant Jesus of Prague

The Child of Prague how it is often named is situated in Mala Strana in Prague which forms the centre of the capital of the Czech Republic. Hundreds of praying go and bow and make wished for the Child of Prague which wears an ornate gilded shrine and while the origin of the figure is unknown it goes back to the 16th century.

What to do in Prague: Old Town Square

Since the 10th century the square remained quite untouched so many visitors crowd these monumental streets and the square is full of musicians, merchants who keep you entertained. However, there is also well-known Old Town Hall where are situated astonishing Astronomical Clock which not only tells time but it also tells the story of life.

What to do in Prague: Charles Bridge

When you are in Prague you should walk across Charles Bridge which is named after its founder – Charles IV in the middle of 14th century in order to replace the older one which was washed away by floods. During the 17th century the bridge was decorated by more than 30 statues but in these days we can admire only the replicas of them.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter is also named Josefov and can be found between the Old Town and the Vltava River. The history goes back to the 13th century when Jews who lived in the city had to go away from their homes and settle in here. This place became the asylum for the other Jews from the whole Europe. But many buildings were destroyed during the 19th century, however, six synagogues stays in these times.


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