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Prague Bike tour with unusual views and dedicated, professional guide

Prague Bike tour with unusual views and dedicated, professional guide

eBike tours and Prague bike tour are the newest hit the city has to offer! Every year, almost seven million tourists come to experience the unique charm of the Czech capital city of Prague. From the monumentality of St. Vitus Cathedral, the complexity of Prague castle or the genius of the astronomical clock to the intimacy of Franz Kafka´s birth house and one of the world´s best ZOOs, Prague has a lot to offer for everybody. Walks through the city can be beautiful in every season, but there is another way how to explore the Golden City. With increasing popularity, bike and ebike tours Prague are sought by tourists looking for unusual views and dedicated, professional guide. All year around, you can choose from the variety of tours and start exploring the city in an active way! 

Prague Bike tour: Prague´s Highlights From the Bicycle Saddle

The majority of Prague´s sights to see are scattered on the both banks of the Vltava river. On one side, the Prague Castle and the Malá Strana district look down to the beautiful architecture of the other bank. As the typical area of common tourist´s interest is quite large, the idea of bike rental suggests itself. There are many rental companies in Prague where they will provide you a good bike, helmet and a good advice of where to go and what to see. With this option, you can choose your own itinerary. However, if you want to really know the long and rich history of Prague and Czech nation as well as its culture, the bike tour with an educated guide is exactly what you are looking for. With a wide variety of Prague bike tour, it´s not hard to book your tour.

With Prague bike tour, your experience will multiply!

Whether you will choose short or long ride with Prague bike tour, easy or more demanding tour through the hilly areas, you will always experience the city from completely another point of view. With a bike, you will catch more in a shorter time. Although the exploration of the city is not a race and time should not be your master in that case, it is always better to see more than less. Top of that, informed guides will reveal you much from Prague´s history, architecture and culture, more than an ordinary paper guide.

Prague Bike tour with E-Bike – Highly Comfortable Option

Most of the Prague bike tour are chosen so that it is not necessary to be in perfect physical condition. If you are not or you just don´t want to use your valuable energy to ride a bike but you still want to use the advantages of the bike tour, there is an option for you. With an electric motor added to the bike, no hill will stop you from exploring the amazing city of Prague and no view from many vantage points over the city center will remain inaccessible.

All of the rentals and providers to choose from can be found on our web so you can pick the tour fulfilling your specific demands.


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