Out of Prague

Let´s get out of Prague with One Day Trip

Let´s get out of Prague with One Day Trip

Okay, nobody says that Prague is a boring city with nothing to do, because the opposite is right. Prague is one of the most fantastic places to be in entire Czech Republic and even Europe. But if you are already full of the capital city of Czech Republic, you can discover many other places around. And because Bohemia is quite a small country, it´s no problem to take just a day trip with very interesting things to see. Let´s get some brief overview and some tips for one Day Trip out of Prague.

Road out of Prague to Karlstejn Castle

This road to Karlstejn Castle will only take you about 40 minutes if you decide to go by train. This medieval gothic castle from 14th century still amazes by amazing shape it´s in. It was built by Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. to protect bohemian crown jewels originally. During the centuries importance of the castle went lower and it came through many reconstructions. At the end of 19th century the castle was rebuilt to original gothic look and now you can admire precise work of the architects. What more, castle is full of authentic historical equipment.

Karlovy Vary

This trip to Karlovy Vary will only take for about two hours from Prague and this historic city with 12 natural springs of hot spa water is known worldwide also thanks to organizing International Film Festival every year. One day is just enough to take a look at many historical buildings and try healing effects of local water.

Concentration camp in Terezín

Well, this part of Czech history is one of the darkest ones. Terezín was mostly used as a concentration ghetto for people who were about to be sent to real camps of dead like Auschwitz. In Terezín you can see original equipment, accommodation rooms, and also including cemetery. Information will be given to you by local museum. This road will only take you about one hour.

Plzen (Pilsen) – Home of Czech beer

Czech beer is famous all around the world, so why shouldn´t you visit the home of most known Czech brewery in Pilsen? Pilsner Urquell brewery offers tours through museum, brewing plant and cellars with a guidance. What´s even better is a fact that every tour ends with some free beers for you to taste.

Ceské Budejovice

South Bohemian metropolis attracts with wonderful surroundings full of historical buildings, especially in the Centre. It´s also home of Budweiser brewery. Landscape around is mainly plane with many ponds and other artificial water sources. Area around Ceske Budejovice also perfectly suits cycling fans thanks to many cycling routes.


Okay, this article should be about Czech Republic, but Dresden is popular target for many people living near Prague thanks to a comfortable way to get there via road or railway. Wonderful historical city is less than 2 hours away from Prague and offers great mix of shopping and historical sightseeing.

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