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John Lennon Wall Prague stands for the symbol of freedom

John Lennon Wall Prague

John Lennon Wall Prague stands for the symbol of freedom and at the same time as the landmark of the Beatles area. However, it used to be an ordinary wall and since the 1980s it was inspired by graffiti and pieces of the Beatles songs.

John Lennon Wall Prague – The Place Where Freedom Lived On: „Malá Strana“ is one of the most interesting of all Prague´s district. This special district accommodates the seat of Czech government and the Parliament but tourists are mostly interested in some of its many monumental churches, green parks or gardens including the Petřín Hill offering magnificent views over Prague. However, there is also one special sight which should not be missed by any tourist. Most visitors will enter this part of Czech capital by crossing Vltava river via the world-famous Charles Bridge and just 200 meters from its Malá Strana´s end you will this special site. John Lennon Wall is much more than a memorial to the special life of Beatles´ co-founder, it is the place where the spirit of freedom and democracy lived on even in the dark times of the communist totalitarian regime.

Long History of John Lennon Wall Prague

Since 1960, one ordinary, inconspicuous wall at the place called „Velkopřevorské náměstí“ started to serve as a spot where people drew graffiti with anti-communist messages. Drawings, texts and poems were challenging the regime. All efforts to whiten the wall were useless. Every time, new graffiti appeared right after the old one was overlayed. The graffiti was one of the few possibilities how to express the resistance against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Especially after the invasion of Warsaw Pact forces to Czechoslovakia in 1968 which crushed any hopes and dreams about the regime´s reformation, Prague´s citizens were coming there to express their feelings.

In the years after, the political subtext of graffiti slightly disappeared and mediocre love messages prevailed. This was changed in 1980 when someone created the symbolic headstone for John Lennon after he was killed in New York. From that moment, the wall once again became a place where people felt the spirit of freedom and democracy. Many anti-regime demonstrations which have helped to overthrow the communist totality started there. In the time of Velvet Revolution, the wall was already known as the John Lennon Wall Prague.

John Lennon Wall Prague – Essential Stop of Every Malá Strana Tour

Many tourists take chance and make a stop at John Lennon Wall when they are exploring places of interest at Malá Strana. It is very close to Charles Bridge and other top sights and almost no tour dare to miss the opportunity to visit it for a while. John Lennon Wall Prague is important because it shows people that Prague is not only a place with rich medieval heritage, but it is also a place where the history was being made in the modern time. To make this visit is highly recommended for everybody who wants to better understand the modern history of the Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century.

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